After you got your admission letter, two more steps on your side are required to enroll:

  1. Please send the following materials to
    Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmid
    Head of the admission committee International Master in
    Software Engineering
    Software System Engineering
    University of Hildesheim
    Universitätsplatz 1
    31141 Hildesheim

    Or bring them to our admission office ( Mrs. Leman Sözüçok, Samelsonplatz 1, Room C212):
    1. The filled in and signed enrollment form
      1. For filling in you will need the key table
    2. A copy of your secondary school certificate (in English or German)
    3. A copy of your bachelor degree, including transcript of records (in English).
    4. A copy of your English language certificate (if any)
    5. Proof of your health insurance:
      1. The proof needs to be transmitted electronically (see below).
      2. A paper based proof is not valid anymore and cannot be accepted.
      3. If you are 30 years or older at the beginning of your studies (i.e., October 1 for winter term, April 1 for summer term), you do *not* need a health insurance. (In this case, *and only in this case*, please ignore the statement on the admission notice that says otherwise.) We still recommend you to have one, but you are not required to show us any proofs.
    6. If you studied already at a German University:
      1. Proofs of all your studies so far, e.g., the respective enrollment certificates, and
      2. The de-registration certificate of your last university.
    7. A passport photo for your student card, of height 4cm, width 3cm, with your application ID and full name on its backside. Please send an original photo, not a print out, neither stapled.
  2. Please pay the social fees for your first term. See your admission notice for details.

If we do not receive both, your documents (I) and the social fees (II) completely latest by 30.09 (Winter) or 31.03 (Summer) respectively, your admission will be canceled. We will count the day we receive the items, not the day you sent them.
We will send you a short confirmation email once we receive your materials.

Proof of your health Insurance
To let the proof of your health insurance be transmitted electronically, you need to contact your insurance company and request the so-called ”Meldung 10” (M10). You need to specify the University’s ID: H0000707 The insurance company will transmit your proof of insurance to the university.
If you are insured with a private company, please contact any public insurance company and request the ”Meldung 10” (M10). They will notify the university about your exemption of public health insurance.

For German speaking students:
Alternatively, you can use German enrollment forms: