REVaMP² - Round-trip Engineering and Variability Management Platform and Process

Traditional software systems typically aim at satisfying the needs and requirements of a specific market or group of customers. Due to this specialization, adapting such a system to innovative markets or new customer needs requires time and effort. Software-intensive Systems and Services (SIS) enable such adaptations far quicker and at lower cost. However, they also raise new engineering challenges. In particular, they require more agile, round-trip engineering processes that better leverage legacy assets, and more systematic and automated variability management.

REVaMP² aims to conceive, develop and evaluate the first comprehensive automation tool-chain and associated executable process to support round-trip engineering of SIS Product Lines (PL, thereafter). The first main end result of the project will be a prototype REVaMP² platform seamlessly integrating the following SIS Round-Trip PL Engineering (SIS RT PLE, thereafter) automation services:

  • Extraction of a SIS PL and variability model from legacy assets of implicitly related SIS sets
  • Multi-view visualization of legacy assets, extracted variability models and PL assets
  • Verification that a SIS PL satisfies a set of hard constraints such as safety constraints
  • Refactoring of a SIS PL to optimize soft constraints on the refactored assets such as full exploitation of multi-core processor power and to co-evolve related assets such as software algorithms and the hardware architectures on which they run.

By taking meta-models as parameters to generic algorithms, these services will be able to analyze or generate a wide spectrum of CPS engineering assets: requirements, system models, software models and code, computing hardware models and mechatronic sensor and actuator models. The second main end result of the project will be an executable model of the SIS RT PLE process to fully leverage the automation services provided by the REVaMP² tool-chain.

The group "Software Systems Engineering" (SSE) by Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmid is working on methods and techniques for efficient software adaptation and how this adaptation can be carried out by software autonomously. With this and other work, the group has made a nationwide name and is therefore a partner of the German consortium in the ITEA research project "REVaMP²", which is funded with about 22 million Euros over three years. The 30 project partners spread over five countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, and Sweden). The BMBF (German Ministry of Research and Education) funds the German consortium.

The SSE group focuses, in particular, on software product line engineering and variability management techniques. Besides others, this includes tool support for extracting and reconstructing variability from legacy systems, translating existing variability model information to analyzable logic, and modeling and managing variability information, including relevant implementation assets.

Further information:

Duration: 3 Years

Contact: Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmid

The REVaMP² project is funded by the BMBF (German Ministry of Research and Education) under grant 01IS16042H.