Quality plus – Program for thorough Teaching in Lower Saxony

This project aims at the development of an intelligent, digital platform for innovative teaching. In combination with corresponding teaching material, this platform will be used as part of the teaching activities at the University of Hildesheim to enable individual student support. The focus is on flexible didactics and internationalization by exploiting existing information and communication technologies. The goal of this project is to offer individual learning proposals on the AI-based platform to increase student’s satisfaction, improve their studies and results by individual adaptation of teaching contents, and the development of team- and social competences. The focus of the SSE working group in this project is on the development of the teaching platform as an eco-system architecture, which enables a reasonable and efficient cooperation of individual (teaching) services. A significant challenge of this task is to provide openness for and integration of new or even unknown services.

Duration: 3 years

Contact: Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmid, Sascha El-Sharkawy

The project Quality plug is funded by the Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur (MWK Niedersachsen).