Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer

The Software Systems Engineering group (SEE) currently provides technology transfer in the following three areas:

  • General Software Engineering
    • Support and consulting for the integration of innovative software development methods into the current software development process
    • Optimization of existing development processes regarding quality and efficiency
    • Selection of tools and tool-adaptation
  • Requirements Engineering

    Requirements Engineering is the first activity in software development and, thus, significantly influences the quality and efficiency of software development. A systematic approach that also supports creativity as well as adequate formal specifications is crucial to provide the best products.

  • Product Line Engineering / Software Reuse

    Systematic software reuse often enables a reuse-rate of 80% and more. Successful software reuse results in high quality, considerably lower costs, and significantly reduced time-to-market.

    Today, software product line engineering is the most successful approach to software reuse. This approach was applied to a broad spectrum of organizations ranging from small- or medium-size companies to mayor enterprises.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schmid